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StoryCorps comes to the Human Factors Annual Meeting

As incoming President of HFES, I launched an initiative in partnership with the 50th Anniversary Committee (Doug Harris) and the Society Historian (Jack Stuster) to invite StoryCorps® to come to the 2007 Annual Meeting in Baltimore and help us facilitate member-on-member interviews.

We sought out volunteers from a broad spectrum of the society to pair up and interview each other during one of the available time slots at the Annual Meeting.

Students, professors, consultants, managers, emeriti, staff members, vendors, exhibitors, researchers, practitioners, academicians, editors, writers, readers, pundits, bloggers, newbies, and even people outside the Society who might be consumers of our work...

  • Prepare - Things to think about before your interview, including sample questions
  • About StoryCorps - What is StoryCorps®?
  • Interview FAQ - Excerpt from StoryCorps' FAQ for prospective participants
  • Newsletter - Read the text of the article in the Annual Meeting's First Day newsletter.
  • Motivation - Read about Jeff's motivation for this initiative.
  • Testimonials - See feedback from previous StoryCorps participants.