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Article for Day One AM Newsletter

HF/E "Story Corps": Bring out your hidden journalist!

Ever hear the fascinating StoryCorps® segments on NPR's Morning Edition®? Want to be a part of a folk history of Human Factors and Ergonomics?

As part of our 50th Anniversary, we are offering you a chance to try your hand as an interviewer or interviewee this Wednesday or Thursday at the Annual Meeting. HFES has partnered with StoryCorps® who will provide recording equipment and facilitators. Your president-elect, Jeff Kelley, has volunteered his hotel suite for a recording studio. All you have to do is partner up with someone and Sign Up for a time slot at the HFES desk. (Flyers and suggested interview questions are available.)

We each have a story about what drew us to HF/E as a profession. We each have projects that tell a tale. Woven into the fabric of each of our careers is a source of narrative energy.

Be a part of tapping that energy. Your interviews will become part of the National Archive in Washington, DC and, who knows, your story might just end up on NPR!

Sign Up Now before all the slots are filled! See www.hfestorycorps.org for more information, during or after the conference.