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Feedback from StoryCorps participants

"The highlight of the interview was having my mother say she never realized how much I loved her until she saw my face during the interview."

"It was like a dream come true when I realized that an immigrant like me could tell her own experiences in America."

"StoryCorps is the best thing that has happened to oral history since all there was was oral history!"

"Talking to a person in such an intimate setting with a recording that will endure in both a private and public collection is a very special, honorable act."

"It was life at its best. Thank you for the experience."

"Last year on November 23, my sister and I came in with my then 91-year-old grandmother. We had this fantastic interview, in which my grandma was candid and funny and loving and everything we know and love about her. Yesterday she died. She was old and tired and ready to go. She died surrounded by people she loved and who love her. She was not in pain. She died like she lived: beautifully and peacefully. I just took out my StoryCorps CD and noticed the date, a year to the day. Tomorrow will be her funeral. I could only listen to about 20 seconds before bursting into tears and I know that is just the way it will be. But I am so grateful that I have this. Sure, I could have taped her anytime in the last 41 years, but I didn't. It was only StoryCorps that motivated me to get on with it. It was a great all-around day when we participated in it. And now, obviously, the reward is so huge. Thank you so much for what you have created. Everyone should do StoryCorps, because we don't live forever."

Feedback from Door-to-Door partners (HFES is a Door-to-Door partner)

From Voices of September 11 to one of the Door-to-Door facilitators:
"Dear Mitra [facilitator], It was very meaningful for me to be a part of the StoryCorps recordings and to meet and work with you, Pat and Kayvon [facilitators]. At first, I was a little anxious for the families relating their stories to someone they had never met, but when I saw how wonderful you all were with them...how you put them at ease instantly, my anxiety disappeared and I saw how they responded so openly talking about their lost loved one. It was a good experience for them and those that I have spoken to are very happy that they did the recordings."

From WTC Family Center evaluation of Door-to-Door experience:

"I would highly recommend all organizations to consider offering this opportunity to their members. Community clubs, service groups, members of religious organizations, etc should consider offering this to their members. Every one of the 29 participants raved about the experience. Although some were anxious before their session, they were especially thrilled that they rose to the challenge. They all felt that the time passed very quickly and the facilitators were caring and attentive to their needs. Our participants were so grateful that they were able to come to a familiar, safe, and supportive site."

From Voices of September 11 to StoryCorps Community Relations Manager:

"Thank you so much. It was a delightful experience under very awesome circumstances. The three [facilitators] that came were just spectacular. They all three had an incredible ability to relate very quickly to the family members and to put them at ease. It was almost as if they had known them for a long time. All of the family members spoke about how at ease they were. They were just spectacular three human beings that performed an awesome task. I was very grateful to be a part of it. It was very rewarding for me to participate with them."